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15.05.19 Project Presentation and Industry Talk: Film Locations through Multiple Lenses

Bringing academics and industry people together, Rilca hosted a vibrant talk and roundtable session to discuss the subject of film location in Southeast Asia and fan tourism. The event begins with the introduction to the British Academy and OHEC funded project and two talks by the project's PI and CI. These are:

  • Southeast Asian film trail(s), colonial history and nostalgia by Professor Kate Taylor-Jones, School of East Asian Studies, Sheffield University
  • Fan tourism: Digital platforms, affective space and cinephile pilgrimage stories by Dr. Wikanda Promkhuntong, Rilca Mahidol University

The two talks are followed by the sharing session on film locations in Thailand and Southeast Asia by Thai film crew. We were joined by Samavee Pummoung and Kittipat Boonvanno (with experience working with Indochina Productions, Ta Productions and Netflix)  

Samavee who is a script supervisor/location assistant also runs a Facebook page called 'onelapap' (which can be translated as one image a day) to share the behind-the-scene stories during shooting from film crew point of view catering to Thai audiences. One of the fans of the page, Jake, who is a set medic/wonderful photographer joined our event and offered a fantastic set of photos from the event (some of which are shared here). We are grateful for Samavee and Kittipat and also Nicholas Simons who also joined us during the round table discussion. 

Many thanks to Dr. Graiwoot Chulapongsathorn, Thai film critic and scholar, who helped connected us with Samavee which started this collaboration. This occcssion sparks many more new ideas and things we could do together. Cheers all!

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