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Techawongstien, K. (2021) 'The Narrative Construction of the Others in a Translation of Little House', Journal of Human Sciences, 22(3), 122–142.

Promkhuntong, W. (2021) ‘Fan pilgrimage and Thai genre films: play, space and the search for vernacular cultural sites’, Journal of Culture, Theory and Critique. Playces: Special Issue on Spaces of Play, 62(1), 249-265.

Promkhuntong, W. (2019) 'Pilgrimage to a Memory Hole: Towards an Affective Study of Fan Tourism in Asia via Angkor Wat and Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love.' Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society, 16:2. 

Available at:

Promkhuntong, W. (2016) ‘In Search of the Memory Hole: Cinephile/Fan Tourism at Angkor Wat’, 9th Biennial Association for Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference, Nottingham University, Malaysia.

Available at:


Thailand Research Fund funded projects co-supervised by cluster members

  • Socio-Cultural Dimension of Censorship: The Protest against the Image of Buddhist Monk in Thai Films by Buddhist Groups in 2006 – 2016 (Chanon Labhnatipakorn) Co-supervised by Wikanda Promkhuntong and Narong Ardsmiti.

  • Locating the Misfits of Tang Chang within the Tradition of Modern Art in Thailand (Nawapooh Sae-Tang) Co-supervised by Wikanda Promkhuntong and Koraya Techawongstien.

  • Postcolonial and the Construction of Identity of Melayu-Muslimness in Southern Border Provinces in Thai Contemporary Painting (Jittipong Tasai) Co-supervised by Wikanda Promkhuntong, Narong Ardsmiti and Koraya Techawongstien.

  • Analyzing the Narrative of Admiration for the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej: Self-Positioning of Burmese Karen Migrants in Transnational Space. (Siripat Naknam) Supervised by Narong Ardsmiti

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