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18.01.2020 Film Screening and discussion - Railway Sleepers: Stories and Spatial Trajectories

Together with colleagues at RILCA who are interested in the subject of colonial/postcolonial in Thailand and Southeast Asia, we have formed a research cluster with the support of our institute called 'Aesthetics and Cultural Sociology Research Cluster'. Our first event in 2020 is a film screening and talk focusing on aesthetics of everyday life and landscape through the train. We draw on Michel De Certeau's reading as a thread to discuss the wonderful Thai documentary called Railway Sleeprs (2016). 

Described as 'A contemplative study of Thailand's rail system', the movie takes us through the history of Thai railway from the colonail period on to today's life on the train and how we remember histories. The total of 20 guests attended the talk including students and academics from various universites in Bangkok.

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